Courtney Sproule believes in the old fashion notion of a supper club; a place locals gather to eat good food, drink good drink, and to learn a bit about one another. And her company, Din Din, is just that- a dinner party with like-minded strangers over delicious, local food... but at a new table each time! Hosting dinners in various venues around Portland, Din Din moves meals to involve shops, galleries, schools, nurseries and restaurants. Pretty cool, right?

Since 2007, Din Din has been hosting and hopping from place to place, providing delicious fare and a communal dining experience. Courtney's brilliant hosting also translates naturally to catering; Din Din has brought the fluid spirit and quality dining experience to many-a-gathering, be it a wedding, a reception, or an intimate party. For 200 people or just two, Din Din is about the food, as it's what makes a dining experience truly memorable.

Learn more about Din Din's incredible food and services in event planning, curation and management on their website. Meet them at Spoken For to discuss your next delicious meal (wherever it may be)...

Credits: Tim Gunther, Unknown and Dina Avila.