Sarah Blasi-Hamilton is an artist. The fact that her tools are an old pair of scissors and her medium is a bucket of flowers is frankly beside the point; what she does is nothing short of art. Approaching each arrangement as though it were a sculpture of sorts, Sarah adds to it, bit by bit, fully content that the direction of the piece is yet to be defined. It's as if she lets the flowers guide her process, as the result is something so organic and lovely, it's hard to imagine that hands (rather than mother nature) created it.

From bouquets to arrangements, from boutonnieres to botanical styling, The Green Dandelion does it all. Sarah will be decking out The Weaver House wall display and Sayuri's World table at Spoken For, as well as livening up the sign in table and Sponsor display. Oh, and if you happen to glance up and see a 10 foot tree branch with flower buds delicately dangling from it, that is likely her handiwork, as well.

Sarah's website is currently under construction, but follow her blog in the meantime and meet her Saturday!

Photos by The Weaver House.