Ever heard the saying about working for your supper? Well Ryan Carpenter likely knows this phrase well, as he owns (and literally runs) Moberi, a bike powered smoothie bar. Sound too good to be true? It isn't. Every smoothie made is blended using a vintage Schwinn exercise bike, and most all ingredients are sourced locally, if not imported from far off places...

Located on E 20th & Everett, one can easily hear the swishing of bike wheels and smell the fresh fruit blending... Ryan's stand also offers a basic assortment of bike tools and books, should you have made your way to him on two wheels and need assistance!

Be it a party, a fundraiser, a function or a wedding, Moberi can be there to whip up fruity deliciousness in the form of a smoothie or a blended cocktail, working with you to customize flavors that suit you and your party. Look out for Ryan outside Sandbox Studio, and feel free to jump on the bike in his place- poor guy could probably use a rest!

Photos from the Moberi website.