Upper Metal Class has a simple aesthetic, not to mention mission. Handmade in the US of A and defined as a "minimalist cool with a hint of lighthearted fun", it's impossible not to love who they are and what they do.

The inspiration for their jewelry comes from an array of places and disciplines, from architecture to mathematics to the natural life around us. Offering beautifully made, sleek necklaces, earrings and rings, designer T creates gems that are subtle and simple, but that can also act as statement pieces. How is this possible? Only Upper Metal Class knows. T has just begun to offer unisex necklaces... How cool is that?

Upper Metal Class unfortunately won't be able to make it to Spoken For, but has kindly offered up a pair of earrings for the raffle! Get your ticket the day of the event, browse more of T's stunning work on the website, and go shopping here.

Photos from Upper Metal Class website.