Riley Messina makes floral arrangements look easy. This is where her talent lies: in effortlessly creating organic, lush arrangements of seasonal flowers and botanicals for Erba, her floral studio.

We love that Riley's work is equal parts perfect and imperfect. By day she forages for wild flowers, herbs, twigs, moss and berries that she incorporates into her floral pieces, planters and terrariums. By night, she and collaborator Annie Beedy create and photograph original flower arrangements based on classical floral paintings. A sweet aesthetic and a wildlife-meets-still-life approach is what sets Erba 
apart from many other florists, and explains why we are so excited to include her in Spoken For. 

Available for small gatherings and weddings both near and far, Riley will be bringing the outside inside on September 22nd. In the meantime, browse Erba's incredible portfolio
here, learn more about The Master's Project here, and follow Riley's daily forages and inspirations here

Photos by Annie Beedy