After just a cursory glace at the bright colors, beautiful symmetry and modern design of Marcela Robin's stunning cakes, it's hardly surprising that she holds a degree in sculpture. A recent graduate of the Professional Pastry and Bread program at the Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver BC, Marcela united her love for both art and baking when she began MRobin Cake Design.

A skilled professional in many types of baking, from the more traditional to the experimental, Marcela especially excels at entremet wedding cakes. A specialty European cake, these delectable creations similar to tortes are made with sponge cake, layered with a variety of creams, custards and mousses, and often include other delicious fruits and fillings. And that is just the inside! Is your mouth watering yet?

Marcela will be showcasing her incredibly unique cake designs at Spoken For, there to discuss her edible works of art for your next celebration. Learn more about Marcela and her incredible talents on her website in the meantime...

Photos from the MRobin website.