New Deal Distillery is magic. A lofty, industrial space upon first glance, one side houses shiny metal equipment and the other displays counters of glassware and bottles. And then there is a bar, a beautiful wooden bar. This is where the magic really happens.

Tom Burkeleaux began New Deal in 2004 with the aim of creating a vodka that could "change humanity for the better". Fast forward eight years and New Deal has gone above and beyond that initial aim, offering "an array of craft-distilled spirits that are made in small batches with Bull Run water and natural & organic ingredients, striving to be environmentally and socially responsible". 

Then comes the magic, where marketing man-about-town Evan Kinkle mixes Tom's carefully-created vodka, gin and liqueur with his own ingredients, creating the most subtle, delicious, intoxicating (ha!) array of cocktails you've ever tasted. Evan will be making magic at Spoken For, offering up heavenly samples to change humanity (and your upcoming wedding) for the better. Learn more about New Deal Distillery's philosophy and amazing goods here

Photos by The Weaver House