If Kyle Durrie were a font, one might describe her as classically simple, slightly inappropriate and incredibly unique. You'll see what we mean when you discover Kyle's company, Power & Light Press... hand designed, printed and letter-pressed paper goods that span the spectrum from greeting cards to music packaging, from custom invitations to business cards.

Inspired by "paper, wobbly lines, history, overheard conversations, logs, whiskey, trains, the Wild West and adventures", Kyle has been known to take her work on the road, traveling portions of the year in a 1982 Chevy step van named Sweetheart of the Road. Just back from a ten month tour of North America, Kyle will make an appearance at Spoken with new celebration-inspired paper goods. If you value fine craftsmanship, bold style and a sense of humor, Power & Light Press is the place and Kyle is your gal...

Browse Kyle's site here and follow her moveable type here.

Photos from Power & Light press shop.