PARTICIPANT SPOTLIGHT → Wild Hearts Wedding Photography

Anja Verdugo and Carlie Armstrong are rather other-worldy. From vintage wares to lifestyle photography to fashion design, they seem to be everywhere, doing everything... and expertly, at that. To top it all off, they sport complimentary hair colors (peach and teal). Yes, they are for real, and they have recently joined forces to launch Wild Hearts Wedding Photography.

With a mutual love for film, natural beauty and a sense of nostalgia, Anja and Carlie capture the details and special moments that make a celebration unique and memorable. They believe in artistic documentation that is honest and timeless, and are currently booking weddings for this fall and 2013. And for those of you on a budget and in the market for a dynamic duo, have you heard about their free wedding contest?

Get to know Anja and Carlie before the event on their incredible websites, and be sure to keep an eye out for an unmistakably stunning peach/teal pair come the 22nd...

Photos from the Wild Hearts Wedding Photography website.