Katy Meegan and Keegan Wenkman make up Keegan Meegan & Co, a local illustration, design and letterpress studio. Launched in 2007, they turn clients into rock stars, portraying who they are and what they do with uncanny precision and ridiculous style. Dreaming of a lino cut poster instead of an invitation? An illustrated letterpress of your dog? An entire suite of paper goods with your dream logo? DONE. Custom design is what Keegan Meegan & Co. does best.

They employ the honorable tradition of letterpress, a reliable and sustainable means of printing that emphasizes quality over quantity, simplicity over clutter. Watch some sweet videos about letterpress (and the Keegan Meegan & Co. studio!) here, ogle and purchase their posters here, and read more about them and their amazing work here. Meet Katy & Keegan in person on the 22nd, as they'll be setting up shop at Sandbox (sans heavy letterpress machine, we're guessing)...

Photos from the Keegan Meegan & Co. website.