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"It's simple for me, really. Life is short. Life goes by fast. I want to capture moments - moments that can't be replicated - so that you can cherish all the sweetness that life has to offer."

We couldn't say it any better! Paige Jones is a photographer, and it's quite apparent after seeing her beautiful work that the above motto is seamlessly integrated into her creative process. From weddings to portraits to lifestyle photography, Paige seeks to capture moments that you'll be grateful (and thrilled!) to look back upon. 

Paige believes good photography stems from strong human connections, and takes pride in getting to know her clients before, during and after their work together. Based in Portland but more than happy to travel for work, Paige will unfortunately be out of town the weekend of Spoken For... but will be with us in spirit! 

Visit Paige's brand new portfolio, and learn more about her here!

Photos by Paige Jones.