Artisan salts.

Fresh cut flowers.

Gourmet chocolates.

Local & European wines.

It seems impossible that four of one's favorite goods of all time could be brought together, all in one place, right? Well, Jennifer & Mark Bitterman have done just that, creating The Meadow, a small shop that has invited the gourmet world in. Featuring a vast array of delicious items for the bar, kitchen and home, it's impossible to resist becoming whipped into a frenzy of excitement, the senses overwhelmed with all there is to taste, smell and see.

The Meadow offers the ingredients of life, be them for daily use, celebrations, gifts and other special occasions. The staff is passionate about its products, history and processes that accompany them, taking pride and pleasure in your discoveries and questions. Grab a basket to assemble your own gift package, attend a foodie workshop, or give them a call for a fast and friendly floral delivery.

The Meadow will be assembling a selection of their finest goods at Spoken For, tempting your senses and hopefully sweetening your imagination with gift-giving/receiving (and life-enjoying) notions. And if you haven't stopped by their Mississipi shop, you're in for a real treat...

 Photos by The Weaver House