Kimberlee Kogane learned about being crafty before crafty was even in style. Raised in an environment filled with inspirational mentors, do-it-yourself projects and good ol' HGTV, Kimberlee cultivated a love for crafts and a talent for jewelry making at an early age. Amidst continued education and experiences teaching in France, Kimberlee continued to fine-tune her skills through young adulthood.

The creator of Fresh Tangerine, Kimberlee makes jewelry that she describes as "understated glamour", created from delicate metals, colorful beads and playfully elegant styles. Her seasonal lookbooks are an art piece of their own, featuring her work in context adorning glam, gorgeous models. We like her style, and we think you might, too.  

Offering necklaces, bracelets and earrings for day-to-day adornment as well as special occasions, Fresh Tangerine is as versatile as it is fun. Until you meet her next week, learn more about Kimberlee here, and browse her sweet shop goods here...

 Photos from the Fresh Tangerine website.