Chances are you've walked past Goorin Bros. hat shop before and stopped fast in your tracks, entranced by a wintry fedora, a dapper flatcap or a summery straw hat. Goorin Bros creations are magical like that, offering headwear that is impossible to resist and a downright pleasure to wear.

Begun in 1895 by Cassel Goorin and continued today by his great grandson, Goorin Bros is a legacy in fine craftsmanship and bold style, proving that hats are not just an accessory of the past but rather an item to wear often and for years to come. Goorin's beautiful goods will be on showcase at Spoken For, likely to entrance anyone and everyone who happens by, unaware that they had even been in the market for a new hat. 

Visit Goorin Bros.' website here and watch their story here!

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