Ever confronted with a memory, song, phrase or feeling when smelling something delicious? A scent can be so much more than just a combination of ingredients... It's a doorway into the psyche, and into a personal narrative that has a past, present and future. Portland-based Imaginary Authors also believes that a scent can be a transformative experience, invigorating one's imagination, style and approach to life.

Inspired by authors of yore, Imaginary Authors has created a selection of thoughtfully made eu de parfumes. Each colorful, beautifully-designed bottle contains a unique combination of layered narratives that can enliven the mind, lift the heart and change one's own personal story.

View their interactive website to read the juicy story behind each scent, named after a famous novel. Creator Josh Meyer will be set up at Spoken For on Saturday, demonstrating how their unique goods can make for incredible gifts, both to give and receive.