PARTICIPANT SPOTLIGHT → Leah Verwey Photography

It's not surprising that photographer Leah Verwey has been featured throughout Portland and the blogosphere for her work. It's a bit unusual, and we mean that in the best sense of the word. Leah's photos could be described as small glimpses into a world that most people don't seem to notice. Peeks around corners, views looking down onto a scene unfolding, a quick moment between two people that could never be choreographed... That is how Leah works, and we're big fans of that.

Wedding photography is changing radically every day, and Leah is one of the up and coming talents that focuses just as much on the small moments between guests or how the night unfolds as she does the bride and groom.  Aside from weddings, Leah also focuses her unique eye on products, food and spaces. You may have seen her adventures into local business and homes on SpacePDX?

We're so excited that Leah will be at Spoken For, and hope you'll check out her amazing work on her website and blog in the meantime...

 Photos from Leah Verwey's website.