Spoken For simply could not be Spoken For without the work of Joy Kim. The talented hand behind Made By Sohn, Joy created our logo, in many ways has setting the tone for the style and personality of this event. She essentially penned the face of Spoken For, two words living and breathing, offering a spark of the old-fashioned while holding a simple, sincere appeal that encompasses next Saturday's festivities better than we even realized at the time. 

Joy is a master calligrapher and illustrator, based in Portland and working free-handed with pen and nib as her primary medium. Though her work is whimsical, her process is thoughtful and highly detailed. With a belief in fine craftsmanship and a love for customization, Joy translates the essence of a person or celebration onto the paper she inks, creating an honest, timeless representation that speaks for itself. 

View Joy's incredible talents on her new portfolio, and meet her on the 22nd when she displays her work in person...

Photos by James Fitzgerald III.