SPOKEN FOR RAFFLE // the winners

See below for the winners of the Spoken For raffle... And if you didn't happen to get lucky this time around, check out the participants' websites to nab something similar of your own.

Many thanks to our fantastic participants and sponsors who donated delightful goods for raffle!

Silver earrings // from Upper Metal Class // won by Michelle Strode
Bottle of champagne // from Montesquieu // won by Brandy Lee
Designer scarf // from Threads Count // won by Kendra B.
Gift Card // from The English Dept. // won by Molly Sparkman
Pendleton ottoman // from Revive Upholstery // won by Russell Burke
Tote Bag // from Queen Bee // Joanna
Gift Card // Brix Tavern // Alec Kretchea
Gift Card Pack 1 // from Power & Light Press // won by Leslie Corless
Gift Card Pack 2 // from Power & Light Press // won by Cara Denison
Gentleman's Candle // from Boys Fort // won by Lauren Black
Gift Card // from Commonwealth // won by Cheryl Juetten
Gift Card // from Lille Boutique // won by Abishua Moua
Box & Gift Card // from Salvage Works // won by Anna Branch
Two matching hats // from Goorin Bros. // won by Irene Behrman
Case of Dry Soda // from Dry Soda // won by Cheri House

Everyone also received a 4-pack of Dry Soda. For good measure.  :)