Sayuri's fingertips are pure magic. A fine arts magician of the sweetest variety, Sayuri creates worlds from delicate threads and weaves stories and personalities into colorful fabrics. Most recently, Sayuri's talents have been on display at the Portland International Airport, featuring her Urban Aquarium: a tank display filled with kelp, jelly fish and coral creatures made entirely from hand. It's a place where magic and imagination fuse into reality, and if you're not planning on hitting the tarmac anytime soon, you can catch a small glimpse here

Sayuri's magical fingertips have been busily at work, creating new goods made of glittery fabrics and felt, soon to make an appearance at Spoken For! She'll be providing examples of her custom services, displaying hand-felted cake toppers, fabric corsages, guest book covers, fabric garlands, table runners with a fuzzy twist... anything your heart desires that could help you to put on a unique, heart-felt celebration.

Learn more about Sayuri here, and meet her at Spoken For to discuss your custom needs; a puzzle-lover, she likes nothing more than to create unique goods for awesome couples...
Photos by Sayuri.