Mary & Joel are more than just husband and wife. They are a team, and the talented force behind Blue Window Creative. Documenting weddings and celebrations near and far, these guys go above and beyond what one might typically expect from hired photographers. See below for their manifesto-of-sorts, as it describes their approach better than we ever could: 

We’re very “there” and not thinking about anything else.

We won’t be high strung, stressed, demanding, or energetic in a jumping kind of way.
We aim to be a very calming presence, and there for people in ways that don’t involve cameras.
We believe things will never be going wrong; even if they really are. That things happen and we accept it as the way it’s supposed to go.
We’re there to absorb, respond, and document happenings – not direct the day to unrealistic perfection.
We deeply respect the trust of being allowed to document the “inner-circle,” and are never there to judge.
We’ll probably be dirty at times, might hurt ourselves from climbing around, or not eat because we forgot to. But it’s not a time for us; it’s time devoted to someone else and giving them the best representation of what it was like to be there.

When Mary & Joel aren't shooting weddings you can find them squirreled away in the Santa Cruz mountains in their
'62 Airstream. They'll be back in town on September 22nd, roping off a large space at Spoken For to set up, well, we don't know just yet... And that's what we love about Mary & Joel. 
A visit to the Blue Window Creative website will illustrate their beautiful work, unique perspective and kooky sense of humor. Visit their wedding lookbook here and learn more about their quirky amazingness here

Photos from the BWC website