Alex is the 'A', Rebekah is the 'B', and together they make up A&B Creative, a craft, rental and event designing team. These two do it all, from scouting and personalizing services to farm table and bench rental to custom handcrafted items... In short, your upcoming event is their dream project. We happen to love their unabashed use of color and readiness to use their imaginations with every project they take on... you just don't see that everyday.

From ala carte assistance to conceptualizing the full shebang, A&B is available to help plan a celebration that reflects the unique personalities and collective vision of their clients. Alex and Rebekah will be making an appearance at Spoken For to meet and greet, designing a lush display on one of their rustic wood tables as well as hosting a small area to show off their amazing talents in design, decor & craft. We can hardly wait to see what they come up with...

Visit the A&B Creative portfolio here, and follow their recent creative shenanigans here!

Photos by Delbarr Moradi.