PARTICIPANT SPOTLIGHT → Laura Dart Photographie

Laura Dart is a wanderer. From roadtrips across states, to backpacking Europe, to sailing in Greece, this is how and when she feels most herself. Laura believes that the most beautiful things are when the senses are engaged; sights, sounds, and tastes that draw you in at every new destination. She enjoys the unexpected and often finds herself intentionally getting lost just to discover what was down that country dirt road. It is this same sense of wonder that led her to the field of photography.
Laura finds joy in photographing couples and weddings, and her new wedding website will be coming in September! She'll be at Spoken For (in her Airstream out front, quite fittingly) to discuss her work and her process, as she likes to get to know couples personally first, meeting for coffee, taking some candids and sharing stories with one another. Her approach is to make an intimate connection with her clients that transcends business and embraces emotion. View Laura's beautiful photography portfolio here.