Five simple reasons bartender Lydia Reissmueller loves catering special events:
- I'm able to source the freshest local, seasonal ingredients for each drink
- I'm able to introduce guests to new things, and to take care of them throughout the evening
- Small, intimate events allow me to prepare drinks in a thoughtful manner
- I enjoy tailoring the crew to fit each event uniquely and purposefully
- The opportunity to make drinks that heighten the party experiences is really inspiring to me

Lydia is Tender Bar, a Portland-based catering service. Preparing all the necessities for events in their own kitchen, Tender Bar arrives ready to construct the bar in the area of your choosing. They concoct and serve incredibly delicious cocktails, from custom creations to tried and true classics... and you'll be able to sample a selection at Spoken For, as Lydia will be partnering up with Evan from New Deal Distillery! Visit the Tender Bar website here, drool over Lydia's incredible concoctions here, and buy her hand bound recipe booklet The Livingroom Bar here..